Working with Clare from Lovely Land and Albert Road Day Centre, we created a colourful, nature-inspired mural (across seven fence panels) to reflect the wildflower corridor that will be seeded down a stretch of alley beside the centre. The aim of the mural was to brighten up a dull space, but also to provide a link between locals and the day centre users.
After meeting with Clare to discuss ideas for the mural, I put down these three rough ideas that fit the brief of 'embracing a love of British wildlife' that I would then put forward to the users at the day centre.
Then after contributions and suggestions from the day centre service users themselves, whilst also fitting the original brief, I came to this design below.
The first job was to outline the design on the fence mural so that the volunteers and users would have a fun painting experience and know where to put the colours. It was a pretty long fence, so without a guide it would have been tricky - but I ended up really liking the bold, black and white look of it at that stage too!
We then got to work on the colour and the finished mural showcases a wonderful collaboration of day centre users, staff, volunteers and members of the local community who all came together to paint the colours.

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