I was asked by the client to create three illustrations and a front cover artwork for a story is about a little boy who lives in a Christmas-inspired town, loves wrestling and wants to become a professional wrestler in the Yeti Wrestling Federation. The inside illustrations were to be greyscale and the front cover to use bold colours. The client asked for the yeti wrestlers to be inspired by real-life wrestlers from the 1980's, and for the time period to be set in the 1990's.
This was my initial idea for the cover, working on keeping the three main characters front and centre, with the main wrestlers framing them.
The client was happy with this sketch and with a couple of small changes, I created the final image below.
I then worked on the three interior illustrations, and here were my sketch ideas.
The client was happy with these sketches, so I proceeded to the final stage with no changes. I think the greyscale really helps create drama in these images, and the more you look, the more little details you can find.

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