I was commissioned by Painted Life Productions to illustrate a storyboard and design props for their 2021 Christmas film to promote Shrewsbury town. The film starts off a little sad but grows more and more magical throughout, so I chose the yellow and blue tones in the storyboard to highlight the magic occurring throughout the film.
You can see how some of the finished shots compared to the storyboard drawings here.
Here is the hero prop I made for the film, a small wooden drummer boy that comes to life. I was given a wooden shape to then paint up to look similar (but stylised) to the actor in the film.
I also created lots of handmade lanterns for the magical lantern parade scene in the film. These were crafted by painting thick paper, oiling them to give a transparency, and then folding them into different shapes.
There were a few more props, a 'miss you' card design and an embellished hot air balloon. The card was completely my own creation, and the hot air balloon was a pre-made prop I was given to add detail too. I added little hand-sewn sand bags and paper fire.
You can see all the props in the final film here!

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