I was asked to create a fun, Jester themed trail in the Shrewsbury Castle grounds. This was to include a colouring-in sheet, a jokes page, an activity sheet and the Jesters that would be hidden around the grounds.
Here are the ten jesters I illustrated, each having a silly, unique pose that children could try and copy!  I incorporated a mediaeval style landscape scene with a parchment feel background, so that they would fit in the garden setting and bright colours on the jesters so that they would stand out.
These are the activity sheets and reward sticker. One activity sheet has the silhouettes of the jesters to tick off with an activity of 'match the jester to his marotte' and the other has some fun jester jokes and a colouring-in page.
This is how the jesters looked on their A3 boards, dotted about the grounds.

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